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Stream of Consciousness Prayer, by Jesmond

Dear God, When I think of people who have been hurt in the United Church by tight-minded, closed-minded, unthinking people who probably think of themselves as good-minded, give-to-charities-people, I am so sorry that I haven’t really opened a discussion with them. I’m not sure a confrontation would be the way, but maybe an open discussion would help us both look at the reasons for their point of view. Some people have been taught that there are only black and white voices, they are afraid to probe any deeper. I hope to help someone free themselves of that—sexuality is such a wonderful gift to be appreciated for its joys in all its forms for all people!

God, may we explore more the goodness of all people and their manner of living in their own way. May we give them the courage to be themselves and express themselves fully in their own way, knowing they are loved and valued as they are.

Thank you, God, for the wonderful witnesses in our midst to inclusiveness and openness. Amen.

From, Jesmond Thompson

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