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I remember 1988:

…in coming to Grosvenor Park United Church (GPUC) and the ministry team* here. […] Things were relatively new for me at the time (newly married, new to regular attendance in the church community @ GPUC). I was very impressed by the leadership in the church, and in retrospect I still am. I learned many things and had very positive exchanges with both leaders. One of the things that I did not have a full understanding of at the time, and am still learning, is the struggle/significance of General Council of 1988.

What seems clear is that there are still many lessons and stories to hear from that time.

Regarding the “The Gay Issue”: I remember our minister as a very wise, uplifting person—loving and kind and humble. I also remember the senses and emotion that were so hard for him to deal with knowing that he would not be reconciling with those in the church that could not accept the involvement of LGBT2Q persons within our church.

I remember wondering what it would take to bring our minister back into a positive space—the space that I longed to see him return to.

Ultimately, I like to think that our minister found solace in approaching sermon themes that looked at nature/mother earth, and also reflected on his roots.

My hope is that GPUC, my community and the United Church continue to provide opportunities for people to hear and experience the joy and challenge of coexisting with LGBT2Q persons.

Signed, Anonymous

(*This story has been edited to respect privacy. Shared with permission. Photo credit: Wix stock photo.)

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