29 years ago, The United Church of Canada did something historic when it voted not to exclude gay and lesbian people from eligibility for ministry and membership. This vote was celebrated by many and brought communities together. At the same time, this vote proved deeply divisive for some communities. Iridesce is asking people to reflect on this time and this decision throughout our history. 


Collected here are reflections, stories and community art that reflects our time of personal and community remembering, acknowledging, lament and sharing around topics of LGBTQ2+ experience in The United Church of Canada, from the time of our 1988 vote, through 'the issue years', up until today. You are welcome and invited to share about your experiences too.

I used to think that when the United Church accepted gay/lesbian ordained ministers, and our local c...

My story is probably a lot like many people of my generation.  I am 71.

Having been raised to believe...

Dear g-d, I realize I may be rambling here, but… I wonder where you are when people hate people beca...

I’d like to tell gay, lesbian or trans Christian people…

. that God, with perfect love, made you on p...

…Spirit of Life. I came out at 17 years of age, left the Mennonite Church, eventually found my way a...

Dear United Church, 

The thing that hurts the most is how we have neglected Christ. We rarely refer t...

There was a time, before 1970, when God and I were just buds… I was a teen in 1975-ish, when my mom...

I wish this issue was a non issue. As a church we are supposed to practice love and acceptance to al...

Seven years ago I moved to Cambridge, and having been involved with Westminster United in Waterloo,...

This contributor remembers a moment in the United Church in 2007.

A few years ago, our Pres...

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add your voice to the conversation. 



To contribute your perspective or experience: write, make a video, create draw, paint, collage, collect artifacts… it’s up to you.

Email your contribution to livingapology@gmail.com along with a signed consent form. Download the form: PDF or .docx

Stories can be as anonymous (or not) as you prefer, and will never be shared without your clear consent.

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September 23, 2017

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