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Interview with Joan

Joan: Did you notice my Elliot Lake Pride t-shirt? [Joan is wearing a purple t-shirt embroidered with a rainbow.]

Iridesce: I did! What inspires you to wear it?

Joan: My congregation does either the opening or the closing worship for our town's Pride festival. We've been doing it five years... which is as long as they've been doing the Pride event at Elliot Lake!

Iridesce: Wow! What inspired your church to be involved?

Joan: Oh, our church council was for all for it, and our minister was on board! We have a number of people in our congregation... one person who is transgender and a few couples who come regularily. We also have people who come from time to time. Our church motto is "Everyone is welcome!"

Iridesce: That's so nice! Are you all an Affirming Congregation?

Joan: We were thinking of becoming an Affirming Congregation, but the LGBT people don't want it. They think it will make us stand out… because now we are welcoming to everyone. So… it's something we are still considering.

With thanks to Joan. Reprinted with permission of Joan, of Holy Trinity United Church, Elliot Lake.

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