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Interview with Marla

Marla is an eighty-something person who lives in Whitehorse. She met with Iridesce in a local coffee shop.

Iridesce: Nice to meet you! So, why did Reverend Bev invite you over to our table? 

Marla: Because we have a good relationship. Iridesce: Really a good relationship with Reverend Bev? [laughing] What a concept! Marla: [laughing] I know! But not just with Bev, with the whole church. I used to be at a different church. I am a Catholic by birth. I was born a Catholic. Every morning before going to school we had to go to church. Every morning. We were 10 children, and we all went to church every morning before school. Now, I am the only one left who goes to church. Because we were so fed up of going to church every day! When I came back to church it was to a United Church, because people always seem to be happy and content. I have often attended when we had a gay minister. His name was Rob. Oh, I loved him! He was so fabulous! I really liked him very, very much. The way he portrays himself and the way he goes toward people. I left the Catholic church because they were very closed. It was restrictive. Everything had to revolved around the Catholic church. But the United Church, oh it is very open. I have always liked the people in the United Church! 

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