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Thoughts from Erin

I wish this issue would not divide our community, our church and our family. Why is it that anyone that does not fall into a certain “box”, are labelled as something negative. Why can’t we really and truly value diversity. My belief of religion, spirituality, church, etc is exactly this: “Draw the circle wide. Draw it wider still. No one stands alone standing side by side.” How boring would the world be if we all were the same…

I’m both proud and embarassed about The United Church of Canada. I’m proud that a project such as this one is happening and the education is forthcoming. Shout it from the mountain tops! My Jesus/God is an all-encompasing God, not just for a certain elite group. I’m embarassed when I hear stories of how this church and certain church leaders preach from the pulpit such discrimination and hate. They have let their own judgements based on their own biases darken the light of Jesus.

I am proud that when my beautiful daughter told me how she felt inside that the first two people I called was my minister and our Sunday School teacher. I wasn’t at all nervous for I know deep in my heart that she (and all of us) would be completely accepted and loved. And we are, and she is.

We are all children of God and worthy of love. No matter what.


[Shared with permission. Location anonymous.]

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