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I Lament

I lament 1988 but for the wrong reasons.

I lament those Education and Students Committees that squashed like bugs rainbow folk

and their allies because they proclaimed a Jubilee for diverse sexual expressions.

I lament the scrutiny under which the single, newly ordained and commissioned were put, because they might be “one of them”. I lament that the Courts of the Church did not offer them support or sanctuary.

I lament the Presbyteries that clung to their comfort, misusing and abusing policies and procedures to crush those who sought a newer vision. I lament those Courts of the Church that stood back and said, “but it is our polity” as another person was burnt at the stake. I lament those persons who were spoiled and selfish, and I lament that they were not called on it. I lament the leadership that abdicated its responsibility to love and said “there is nothing we can do” when there was everything they could do. I lament the hypocrisy of love the sinner, hate the sin. I lament that we still tolerate hate and injustice. I lament the vision too many have the impression that our Church is uniformly progressive and loving. I lament that fewer than ten percent of our congregations are Affirming. I lament those who proclaim inclusion while living with exclusion.

I lament because I must still lament.

~ Anonymous

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