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A Love that is Good

I wish I had known the world was about the change.

I wish I had known that I was not broken, that my love was good, and healthy, and a gift (not a curse) from God.

I wish that change was complete and the Kingdom of Heaven was complete among us! Living short of the Kingdom of Heaven makes us all do stupid things and fall short of being angels.

Dear United Church,

I feel an apology is owed for how long it took, and how some parts of us still have not practiced the courage to soundly and clearly condemn homophobia.

I want to thank those who have stood fast in the Love gospel all these years: who have stayed faithful to that call that comes as a loving, open heart. To those, like Anne Squire and all of the GLBTQ pastors who *braved* the stings of hate as they stood on the front lines, creating a space for us to be.

I want to apologize for every time I lied or denied God’s own reflection in my most loving places, as a lesbian Christian feminist maternal woman.



(Shared with permission of S.)

(Stock photo.)

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