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I now consider myself non-binary…

I now consider myself non-binary however I probably always was—even when others saw or called me lesbian, butch, faggot, etc. I never referred to myself as lesbian, only gay.

I was born and raised Catholic and even entered the convent for a short period of time. Eventually left the Catholic church and did not attend any church for 11 years. In the early ‘70s became aware of MCC—Metropolitan Community Church—(called the Gay Church) in Toronto, Ontario, where I was born. At one point I sat on the Board, became a Deacon and sometimes, Worship Coordinator and sang in the choir. I was always grateful to the United Churches that allowed the MCC churches space to worshp. It wasn’t until years later I discovered the conflict in the United Church in regards to accepting LGBT members, gay/homosexual ministers as well as the struggle in regard to Gay Marriage.

Now in 2018, I am blessed to be a member of New Vision United Church in Hamilton, Ontario. A welcoming, warm and Affirming Ministry.

~ Signed, Bernadine Thompson, New Vision United Church, Hamilton, Ontario

(Shared with permission of Bernadine)

an arc of moving light

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