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A Lament by Deb

How long God will we keep screwing up

We hurt from the friction/the conflict

A tug of war: who are we to choose, right or wrong,

Life sucked out by shouting at each other,

Clambering over each other to get the last word.

We shed tears for hurts we cause and the hurts we feel

The victims pile up while we try to sort it all out.

We are tired. Where are you? It’s too hard.

I want to rest.

And yet… we do regret the hurts we’ve caused.

We regret our lack of awareness, we do regret neglecting those that needed us on their life journey.

Out of sorrow may there be encouragement, out of our regret may there by encouragement, out of our regret may there be determination to be a blessing, out of our blindness may we see a way forward toward healing and understanding.

~ By Deb

(Shared with permission of Deb.)

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