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Lament for a Christian Couple

O God, where were you when…

at our Passover table last year, the young gay couple shared their mitzrayim (the narrow place)?

The two men shared that when back here in the Valley for a weekend visit with one of the men’s family, they were expected to attend church on Sunday. This was not a United Church, but another church in the area.

As it was important to his parents, the couple went with the family to the service. The young man’s uncle was the minister, this was the church in which they young man had been raised, and from which he had fled. He had forgotten that this was the week in which his uncle usually began his annual “anti-homosexuals” sermon series. His uncle looked straight at him during the sermon. The young man was humilitated and virtually shamed.

By Anonymous

(Shared with the permission of this anonymous author. Image credit: stock photo).

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