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A message from Noreen Ueberer

Dear United Church,

The things I want you to apologize for are not having insightful conversations with 1) the people who fill the pulpits at Worship, and 2) the people who fill the pews at Worship.

These conversations should have taken place immediately following the General Council of 1988.

Since 1925 and even prior to this, people have always considered what was said from the pulpit was what they should believe and practice.

Not many, if not most, of our preachers believed that the scriptures were inviolate and to be taken literally.

I fully agree with the decision made in 1988, but I didn’t at the time. It was God at work in me that changed me. Not everyone has this experience. Many folks need a guide in spiritual matters. A guide who is open to the Holy Spirit moving in them. Properly explained, Leviticus 29 can be seen in its proper surrounding and a guide to an ancient people in an unfriendly world.

Properly explained, Christians will see that, in Christ’s teachings of Love, there are no ifs, or buts, or exceptions.

Signed, Noreen Ueberer, Guelph, Ontario

[Shared with permission. Photo credit: Wix stock photo.]

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