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A response to Kai from Robin: You chose the narrow path

I read your two stories, and I am sorry, most of all, that I can’t say this to you in person:

To me, you seem like an honest person, trying to see where you can fit into your local church. I feel discouraged to think that you saw a lack of expression from so many members, who felt no need to change or modify a state of status quo.

It hurts significantly, when we are confronted with the reality that our society does not always practice tolerance, even though they say that they understand.

I personally admire your ability not to exchange in anger responses or engage in violence when people are cruel and narrow minded. You choose the narrow path, by not exchanging with such individuals.

That is what Jesus chose when he was corned by the religious Parisees.

~ Robin Macaulay

[Shared with permission. Photo credit: Wix stock photo.]

path in a sunlit forest

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