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An important message for bisexual awareness

I self identify in two ways. Both as a bisexual which was my first self identification, and also as “queer” which came much later but genuinely in my life.

As a bisexual in the church, I often feel invisible and the ways in which I choose to live out my identity have not made it into general discussions.

I celebrate, however, that I have always found a few fellow travellers in the church where I could be myself and raise my issues. Many of my “bi” companions are still deeply in the closet and choose to be invisible (and there are many reasons for this), which heightens my vulnerability.

Next June I turn 75 years old, and I have chosen to give myself a birthday party. But I have to have two parties. One for my bi friends, and one for my family and other friends. This is because none of my bi friends would come to the other party for fear of being outed by their being asked, “How do you know Roy?”

I am thankful for the steps that the church has taken in the past but realize that we are still on a journey and my hope for the Iridesce project is that it’s efforts will help us move forward together and hope for the day when everyone can feel more comfortable to be out of the closet.

I am surprised by how many times I have been moved to tears in this workshop. Feelings run deep.

Signed, Roy

(Shared with permission. Photo credit: Wix stock photography.)

birthday cake

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