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Call to put words into action

Dear United Church,

I will accept your apology if you put your words into action by no longer allowing churches a choice of performing same-gender marriage, and make the Affirming process mandatory at all levels, including General Council Executive.

I feel an apology is owed in particular to the many gay clergy who have been harassed and vilified for their human condition, even after being fully “out” during the hiring process, and also to those who were afraid to be out, and were “discovered”.

I feel the United Church, for all its stance on justice for the gay community, does a disservice to those seeking a safe haven, when they discover that they have chosen a congregation that is not really affirming, and then feel betrayed when they are rebuffed by someone or overhear homophobic comments.

I worry that this apology will not have enough “legs” to bring it into reality in my lifetime.

Signed, Judy Amsbury

(Shared with permission. Photo credit: Wix stock photo.)

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