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I am a person who has chosen to follow God…

…Spirit of Life. I came out at 17 years of age, left the Mennonite Church, eventually found my way after much twisted journeying to the United Church of Canada (UCC). I know I would never be able to follow God’s call to ministry in the Mennonite Church and am so grateful that I could call the UCC home.

No, we, the UCC are not perfect, we are a body of “broken, but hopeful believers” striving to live into the call of grace and love of Jesus. Love made flesh and dwelling among us. In our brokenness, we fail to listen, we lack compassion, in our striving we live more fully into the Love we have received from God.

I am grateful that my home is here. I am a refugee who feels more and more at home here in the UCC. I am grateful for a church who recognizes the need to talk about it’s past failings. I am grateful for a church that seeks to build relationships and connections between it many and diverse members. And I am grateful for those who led the UCC to the decision in 1988, and for those who continue the discussion today. GRATITUDE.

By Svinda Heinrichs, Ontario

(Shared with permission. Photo credit: Wix stock photo.)

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