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I am a queer womxn who loves a trans non-binary person

I am a queer womxn who loves a trans non-binary person. My faith has been both strengthened and challenged by the United Church. While I wasn’t alive back in 1988, the decision made at that historic General Council has impacted my existence as a queer Christian.

I have been challenged by toxic theology. My existence has been invalidated because “God hates the gays”, or so I have been told. I have been told that I should not exist, that I will not succeed as a minister because “God hates the gays”. I have been challenged by conservative Christians who twist the Bible and the teachings of God and Jesus, and who claim that I have a one way ticket straight to Hell. And that I am unworthy of the love of both the Holy Spirit and Jesus.

I have been strengthened by my education by realizing that my existence as a queer Christian is exactly who God intended for me to be. I have educated myself to know how to respond to hate-speeches. This toxic theology and twisted scriptures made me into a resilient person, my relationship with my faith strengthened and continues to grow stronger everyday since I have embraced the person that God made me.

God, my God, and Jesus, my Jesus, love me for who I am. They taught me to love and Jesus taught me about freedom and equality.

Always remember that Jesus had two dads and he turned out perfectly alright.


Katie-Rose Vardy from Newfoundland

(Shared with permission. Photo credit: Wix stock photography.)

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