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Supporting families, supporting gay, lesbian and trans people

In the 1960s, as a thirteen year old teenager, I dealt with a bisexual father and a mother with repeated postpartum depressions without support from the church, but shame and fear and just wanting to be seen as a safe respectable member of the church and community.

In 1988, I was open to ordination of gay and lesbian people and a member of a church which called its first female minister in 1984, and ten years later its first female minister who was lesbian. Not perfect but significant progress in a United Church with Presbyterian roots.

I have been part of an excellent Affirming Congregation for several years and am concerned with harassment experienced by committed gay and lesbian members within the congregation now. Knowing strong, out gay, lesbian and trans people is the deepest way to change beliefs and prejudices.

Families also deserve more support as they support their families and cope with attitudes, real or perceived, within congregations.

People who talk the talk, but don’t walk the walk can be the most disheartening.

~ Anonymous

(Shared with permission. Photo credit: Wix stock photo.)

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