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human beings can hurt each other so

Dear g-d, I realize I may be rambling here, but… I wonder where you are when people hate people because they have sex differently or “make love” differently. How can that be for, 1) people made “in your image”, and 2) people who are human, intelligent, emotional, loving beings.

This has made me wonder again what it means to be made “in your image”. Does it not mean being a power that is love? The hatred I encounter in my life when it comes to people encountering a “gay” person is not only beyond my understanding, but it also cannot be called in any way loving. Are we so insecure in our sexuality—especially men—that our loving becomes hatred when it comes to “gay” men!?

For me, God is not some “Super, Almighty, Theist” but a companion sufferer and loving, creative force and the basis of the universe! So, for me, my image of God has changed and this has effected what “in your image” means. People made in God’s image need to know that image within them. Beating up another human being because of how they “make love “ is absurd! Where is God? For me, God weeps. God suffers with gay people. God grieves with the marred heart of the basher! God invites that person to new behaviors to change their heart. But, once again, it amazes me how intelligent human beings can hurt each other so effectively and with such hatred! “God help them,” as they say! God is the ultimate listener!

By Rev. Doug Panto

(Shared with permission. Photo credit: Wix stock photo.)

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