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I have learned not to discriminate or keep anyone out

I was there in 1988 and I remember being somewhat upset by the decision of the church to accept gay or bisexuals to be ordained. While I considered myself a liberal person I was distressed that the institution I had turned to all my life was adopting what I considered decadent leadership, that would not be focused on family values as I understood them. So I avoided taking sides.

For me now, having spent time in a church with gay leadership and an Affirming church, I am much more accepting of this leadership. It is after all the law—actionable under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms* since 1982—not to discriminate in living practice based on gender or sexual orientation, or to deny any kind of access on this basis, as for social programs for married couples.

I accept and love people not because they are gay or heterosexual but because of circumstance and need and relationship, and because God is love.

I have learned not to discriminate or keep anyone out on the basis of their sexual orientation or race.

From Randolf, in Ottawa

*Link to Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms

(Shared with permission. Photo credit: Wix.)

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