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In 1988 I was horrified by the depth of homophobia

In 1988 I was horrified by the depth of homophobia and how personal some of the attacks became. A gay candidate in my class was targeted. The “anti-gay” camp noticed a little inconsistency in the motion approving our ordination and protested our candidacy. A group of four ordinands were expendable for one to be stopped. That hatred was tangible and so extreme it was almost laughable.

Today I am horrified when opponents come at the issue sideways. “I’M affirming,” they will say, “but we don’t need a sign on the door.” Or: “Gay and lesbian is one thing but trans people are just messing with God’s plan.” Or, “Why do THEY get special status?”

It’s less tangible, less extreme but also less laughable.

I wish they would read the stories on the Iridesce website. These are real people who are hurting because they are being judged even sideways. Judged not worthy, judged as “over the top”, judged for naming that this hurts them. These are real people’s lives!

As long as we come at them sideways will they ever be out? Will they ever feel safe enough? Will we ever be the church God will empower with Spirit and compassion?

I can only read a couple stories at a time because I get feeling guilty and angry and sad


… and …

… … and …

Thanks for helping us let go of all that we have been holding inside.

Signed, Elizabeth

(Shared with permission. Photo credit: Wix.)

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