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To Anne Squire, Love never dies

To Anne Squire,

I read your story and I wanted to say how horrified I felt, reading what one of your congregation members wrote to you, hoping that you would be “stricken with AIDS”. As a straight person, I apologize with shame and sincerity for you receiving that kind of vicious, undeserved and hypocritical message. This woman evidently had no real connection to, or understanding of, the teachings of Jesus Christ. I hope that, since 1988, her tiny heart and soul have enlarged to have the capacity to understand that hurting another person is not an act of faith or love or decency. I believe that small-mindedness can be conquered. I pray this woman, and any others of similar latent cruelty, will have time to change and reflect on the harm they have done to others. I hope you were able to put her spiteful cruel words where they belonged (on the back burner, burner on High). God bless you and keep your spirit strong. I know you have passed away but your example will survive you and inspire others. Love never dies.

Signed, Nancy McPherson, Ottawa

(Shared with permission. Photo credit: Wix.)

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