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I wish, I’m sorry, I’m glad

While I was “there” in 1988, I was only seven years old, so I wasn’t really “there” in an active way. But as I grew up in the United Church of Canada, I was never taught to discriminate against anyone. People are just people, living out their faith like I am. I wish it was like this for all people of all denominations. I wish people just saw the Humanity in other people. I wish this didn’t have to be an issue. I wish we were all as enlightened as we think we are. I wish it was simpler. I wish this mountain didn’t need to be climbed.

More than just tolerance or acceptnace, inclusion has been at the most basic level of my faith journey, and has been a cornerstone of my faith community.

I’m sorry for those who have not had that experience. I’m sorry for the struggles you have had to deal with. I’m sorry that while I knew how to include you, I didn’t know how to defend you. I’m sorry for my part in your pain.

I wish everyone always had a home or safe place to just be.

I’m sorry we have to aplogize. I’m sorry we have to go through this, rahter than already being at the top of the mountain.

But I’m glad we are climbing, and I’m glad to be climbing it with you.

From, Craig Wonnacott, McClure United Church, Calgary

(Shared with permission. Photo: Wix.)

a forest lake and mountain

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