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Our society and culture remain trapped

I wish I knew how to say to people of other faiths, other religions, other cultures, that we’re all equal.

Equal in the eyes of God, equal in the eyes of “some” societies, equal in the eyes of some religions, and most certainly equal in MY eyes.

I wish I knew how to deal with those who in my view are still so ignorant of the facts, the science, the actuality of the diversity of biology — of the difference between people beyond purely male and female or black & white. Beyond the ancient and medieval attitudes toward love and marriage.

I wish I knew why so much of our society and culture remain trapped or at least restrained by archaic attitudes and dogma… why so much of society and religions in general continue to breed amongst us those who espouse beliefs that are not only hurtful, discriminatory, painful and unfair — not only espouse but preach loudly to the point of enacting rules & even laws against living our lives as who we are rather than as how someone else believes we should live them.

I wish ignorance was not so prevalent — such as “all gays are pedophiles” or “all gays and lesbians are sinners and sinful”.

I wish we weren’t so anal with such red-neck attitudes. I wish I knew…

Signed, Wayne Wonhacott

(Shared with permission. Photo: Creative Commons.)

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