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Outside and Inside

I wish this issue would disappear — but disappear without dismissing the pain and struggle or hope and core that it has brought out.

I wish this issue were a non-issue—that we could see each other, and love each other, truly, fully, without condition or reservation, as God loves us, sees us, accepts us and blesses us.

I wish there was a way for us to see each other, and more importantly, see *ourselves* as God sees us. Without our biases, our bitternes. Without our self-imposed expectations or judgements. Without care or concern for how we *think* we are seen by others

I wish that “belonging” was foreign concept—because no one knew what it was to be an “outsider” to not belong. But what do we lose by not experiencing “being outside”? Are these struggles, these exclusions, these dark times sometimes a blessing to show how community and acceptance is a gift?

Perhaps being on the “outside” is the only time we get to challenge and question what is happening on the “inside” — perhaps that is the only way to get to change, growth and movement?

Signed, Devynne in Calgary

(Shared with permission. Photo: Wix.)

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