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From Rev. Janet Walker

As the church worked on sexuality and faith, I was a Conference Staff person, helping many congregations wo understand and to study the documents prepared by General Council. My discovery was only those who agreed were open to the studies.

My own life journey moved me to be in Cuba in 1988, working for the Council of Churches in Cuba. As I heard the news, I was so proud of the stand we took, even knowing the path and division that would follow. The prophetic voice of the church needed to respond—we helped to lead our country and other faith communities around the world to examine what they were called to do and be.

As I returned from my work in Cuba, the church was finding its way through the decision—but holding strong. Winnipeg Presbytery moved from friends with to supports of Rainbow Ministry. A way of affirming our support of the decision and discovering ways to live into it.

Our Presbytery, our conference and our congregation all became Affriming Ministries. To be intentionally welcoming. We will continue to be the voice of acceptance and welcome, a safe place.

Rev. Janet Walker,

Churchill Park United Church, Winnipeg, Manitoba

(Shared with permission. Photo: Wix.)

a sign about welcome and love

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