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From Tessa Whitecloud

My Sunday School teacher or YUCh as we called it (Youth of United Church) was the first adult I told I was queer. As a 12 year old (year 2000) I didn’t have the language but said I had a crush on a girl even though I sometimes also had crushed on boys.

My YUCh leader offered to throw a party to celebrate this learning about mysefl & God’s plan for me. I was majorly not ready for this. Instead a diversity party was held, rainbow cupcakes and all to celebrate God’s diverse creation and many ways of love/loving.

When I began to engage in the Queer Community I was constantly reminded of how privileged I was to have had this inclusive community. As other’s discussed shunning, shaming or worse they had experienced in their faith communities, I was celebrated in mine.

Dear United Church,

Thank you. I am a hetero passing queer identified person and my experience of our church has been a gift!

Signed, Tessa Whitecloud

(Shared with permission. Photo: Wix.)

cupcakes with rainbow sprinkles

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