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I am sorry for the hurt & exclusion. Thank you for your gifts.

I’d like to tell gay, lesbian or trans Christian people that I’m sorry that other Christians have been uncaring and even mean about who you are. At times I apologize I’ve been uncaring and impatient with your feelings and concerns. I continue to ask for God’s guidance and forgiveness for myself & others who have emotionally hurt you & excluded you from our Church & community.

As we build relationships, I recognize more and more, what gifts you bring to our Church & community. You force us in a positive way, to think outside the boxes we have made. To recognize you too are God’s children and are loved greatly. May we each recognize how Jesus cared & loves us all & challenges us to be accepting, caring people. “Love” really is the more important word/concept and with love comes caring, understanding & neutral conversation and listening.

May we each work hard at accepting ourselves, with all our shortcomings & live in the positive love Jesus shows to everyone. With patience we can make a more loving Christian Church, community and world.

God’s blessings,

Mary Shellingtong,

McKillop U.C. Lethbridge, Alberta

(Shared with permission. Photo: Wix.)

poster that says spread love

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