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I feel sorry that it was on you...

Dear LGBTQ people,

I’m so sorry for the way we in the United Church have responded to your community in the past. I also fear the negative responses are not *totally* in the past, that people continue to not feel accepted in our congregations.

I feel sorry that it was on *your* individual experience that United Church congregations made their move to be incluisve. The theological position of the church has changed—in 1988 it was already changing focus and yet it was this issue that jolted, pushed the church into its inclusive identity. This was done with aggression and a righteous sense of “our God for us”. And this was wrong. I am sorry, also, for the ways, even after ’88 I’m sure, you had to choose between being exactly who you were and staying involved with your congregations I’d like to thank you for your grace, your, kindness, your resilience, but I don’t think that will bring you much comfort—that was not supposed to be your job.

I also regret the deep hurt that would have brought to your family and friends.

My hope is that you will continue to stay part of us—just as you express your whole selves.

Signed, Mary McNairnay

(Shared with permission. Photo: Wix.)

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