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It’s not 1988 anymore!

I am glad my local United Church has taken steps to become Affirming. But I was shocked to learn only 6% of United Churches have done so! We have read stories of hope and welcoming within the United Church that inspire hope and are uplifting, however we have also read stories—from 2018—where the United Church has resisted even forming an Affirming Committee to discuss the issues. These are stories of frustration, rejection, lack of knowledge and the inability to change and accept.

I want to challenge the United Church of Canada to take responsibiity. The acceptance of our LGBTQ2plus community should not be left to local United Churches with a hit or miss—mostly miss!—message of acceptance. Affirming and taking forward-movement on Affirming issues needs to be mandated by the United Church of Canada. All must be welcome.

From, Carol

(Shared with permission. Photo: Wix.)

camping under a star filled sky

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