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Love Will Shine Through the Blinds

Dear UCC of Tomorrow,

Seeing, touching and feeling the reality that nothing has really changed in the “real world” since 1988 is a fact. We still today blame the past for the present, while not listening to the stories and learning a new way to forge the future. We look to the “leaders” of political parties or business to dictate how we should feel. Why? We have our own feelings, given by God in the garden, our right to have free choice. We still choose the darkness. We each need to choose hope and the light that we inherited on the cross. Jesus was broken, so we can live as whole. This extreme acceptance is for everyone who asks. Why are we allowing and promoting people—no matter their chosen truth or lifestyle not to be worthy of that love. Why would we choose not to promote love and wholeness?

How can we say we are Christians while living without light? While not allowing the light to shine on others. Who are we to try to keep this light away from those who are not “worthy” of it?

I do have hope. Hope that 2000 years of Love will shine through the slats of the blinds we have created to keep out that light. We don’t need seperation, we can together remove the barriers. We can use love. For God is Love. He loved us that he gave his son. What have I given? I have hope htat I can also be Love. I know there is light.

Signed, Wendy in Winnipeg

(Shared with permission. Photo: Wix.)

wooden blinds closeup

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