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Oh Divine, A Prayer

Oh Divine,

help us to embrace our authentic selves,

When the fears and constructs of our world

pull us into smallness and self-doubt,

give us the certainty that we are exactly as we need to be —

an expression of you.

Oh Divine,

grant us the strength and courage

to be the loud, strong voices that lead our community forward

in to your unfolding beauty of wholeness,

out of the bitter and broken.

Oh Divine,

gift us with the small and gentle voices

that whisper to hearts in pain

that they are perfect and should be perfectly healed;

whisper also to hearts of anger and rejection

the unyeilding knowledge they can grow into places of true love.

Oh Divine,

help us to see that we own our roles,

and how we define ourselves,

but that seeing them as separateness is an illusion —

each role, each definition, is only

another beautiful facet of the glory that is You.


By Kathy Carlson, Lethbridge, Alberta

(Shared with permission. Photo: Wix.)

radiant light in black and white

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