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You were my dream church

Dear United Church,

I want you to know that you were my dream church. I remember in 1998 I was a high school student overseas* and many times I day-dreamed and wondered if there is such a church in which gays and lesbians are welcomed, accepted and belong… somewhere in the world.

I believed, even though at that time I had no knowledge about LGBTQ Affirming movements in churches in Canada or elsewhere, that it was possible and, if it really was possible, I wished I would find it and join it in my lifetime.

I thought that I could really live my faith with exuberant joy as part of an affirming community of faith. And here I am, in the United Church, which I joined in 2007 when my family (my husband, my child, and my self) came to Canada.

In the same year I started the ordination path in the church. I was ordained in 2014. Since 2007, my journey in the UCC has been the one in which I learn what it means to be affirming and being affirmed as who I am, day in and out.

The United Church of Canada has strengthened and challenged me to love myself and love others with right words and right actions that are truly affirming.

I am proudly (yet quietly) United Church clergy, racialized and queer (politically woman) Christian.

Anonymous, in Winnipeg

(* Identifying details have been changed at author's request. Shared with permission. Photo: Wix.)

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