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To my younger self in 1980

It’s 1980

To my younger self:

You are 9 years old and drinking.

You will stop.

Your mom will not love you and whe will tell you hateful things.

Don’t worry, you will be just fine.

You will be a drug addict and do things that are very bad.

Don’t worry, God will forgive you.

You will experience physical and mental torture to the point of wanting to commit suicide. Don’t worry, it will help your job because you will help others in these exact experiences.

You may feel alone at times and feel depressed and have bad thoughts.

Don’t worry, friends are coming.

You will love yourself,

so don’t worry.

- - -

Love, Pherogh Mitchell,

Your Future Self, at Knox United Church, Brandon, Manitoba

(Shared with permission. Photo: Creative Commons.)

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