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Rooted in LOVE!

I am bisexual and have spent the whole of my life in the United Church. I have been proud of this church for not just supporting the LGBTQ2+ community but for its social justice and openness to world religions. I have been proud of this church (the “wider” United Church) until I read Ruth’s story. I am appalled and shocked to discern that not only a church and minister condoned “hate”, but that an entire Presbytery condoned it as well. This is beyond unacceptable and makes me quesiton the validity of the United Church. Are we not centred around the teachings of Christ? And if so, where did Christ ever suppport anything not rooted in LOVE? We apparently have moved back in time if the wider church allows this kind of activity AND collusion on the part of a wider governing body to continue.

It’s time to turn some tables over—or time to close shop.

[Shared with permission of Anonymous.]

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