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A response to Kai

This morning Kai, I read your story and I wanted to tell you how it touched by heart and troubled my very soul. You are a young person, just as I was once a young person but our experience of acceptance by society and in particular our churches is so different. I lament that fact!

You speak of other young people who tormented you with taunts of being an f***ing dyke. Please now that there are those of us who are working hard to help unaccepting youth to be more inclusive of all.

I worry about you Kai, because of the hurt you are feeling every day and I know that many in our LGBTQ community succumb to the brokenness and go about ending their terrible heartache and deep sadness. Many older members of the LGBTQ community say it gets easier was they age. I hope you find this to be true.

If I, in any way, have not shown love and true acceptance to you and all in your community, I am deeply sorry and ask your forgiveness. I will continue to encourage the youth I know who are walking the same path as you are Kai, as I will continue to visit and encourage my lesbian friends who live near me, and are so open with my husband and me.

You will be in my prayers, as I pray for your healing and the healing of all of us who ever once doubted that we are ALL God’s children and worthy of His and each other’s respect and support and love!

Signed, Kathi

[Shared with permission. Image credit: Wix stock photography.]

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