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Learning the history was enlightening

Dear United Church,

After today’s workshop, I am more discouraged than ever about the future of our church. I heard the recent (!) stories of homophobia across the country, of the abuse, neglect, and shameful responses to our LGBTQ2+ sisters and brothers.

I belong to a welcoming community — rainbows are everywhere in my church. I belong to a Conference United Church Women which is also Affirming.

Hearing the background history of the 1988 decision was very enlightening and eye-opening. I did not realize that it was such a division — one that still have not healed and is still wide open.

I am so proud to talk about how open and welcoming my UCC church is — or I was until I heard the stories today. What I feel is shame and anger for our current way of thinking.

I don’t believe that an apology of words is the way to go unless it is followed by action. And if the stories continue to be aired and become public is an indication of the grassroots of the church, then we are in deep trouble.


Anne, a straight woman who loves her LGBTQ2 friends (and I have many of them!)

(Shared with permission. Photo credit: Wix stock photo.)

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