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Written Response to Iridesce

Thanks for the opportunity to meet. I found this was a helpful experience. I have been to lots of workshops and activities on the Affirming topics and have heard lots of stories. I was glad to hear stories that are new to me and was moved. I really think what spoke to me the most was the fact that many stories were recent — sad to think that in some places, nothing has changed.

From what I have learned about your project, it seems that it hasn’t gone far enough to include enough people. As someone here stated, the people who really need to apologize aren’t at these workshops. It doesn’t seem like an apology coming from people like this mixed group (LGBTQ and allies and those who have grown/learned/changed) is much of an apology. Those who really need to apologize aren’t here. So the apology would be really symbolic only… though the church in general has made lots of progress as an institution.

~ Anonymous

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