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Seeing the Rainbow Colours

Today I learned about the decision made in 1988 regarding the United Church of Canada and LGBTQ people. I found myself shocked yet grateful for my encounter going to the United Church recently. Having been accepted in open arms and learning about the United Church through conversation, I had come to the assumption that all United Churches were on the same page on the acceptance of all peoples. Coming to the realization today that it is at the congregation’s discretion of how they implement the results of 1988 makes me grateful for my own experience. Entering the church unknowing of their views toward LGBTQ people at the time, I was comforted by the familiar rainbow colours. How simply seeing those colours can say so much and carry such a huge meaning to certain individuals! It is a huge responsibility that we should not take lightly.

Signed, Anonymous, in Saskatoon

(Shared with permission. Photo credit: Wix stock photo.)

rainbow near a waterfall at dusk

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