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Small “a” affirming?

I used to think that when the United Church accepted gay/lesbian ordained ministers, and our local congregation agreed to/and did perform a gay wedding in our sanctuary, we had done the steps necessary to “affirm” (lowercase ‘a’) members of the LGBTQ community in our midst, or looking for a safe church home.

But now, reading some of the stories from Iridesce, I see that many United Church congregations, and even their ministry staff, have a long way to go before treating everyone as loved equally by God, and worthy of our Affirming welcome.

I am most grateful for the past year of discernment our Affirming Committee has undergone, and pray that our congregation will take the additonal step of formally joining (and celebrating membership in) the local churches who have become Affirming with a capital “A”. Blessing to all engaged in this worthwhile endeavour.

Signed, Lorna

(Shared with permission. Photo credit: Wix.)

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