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I am an unbeliever

Canada has had the political will to support, for instance, gay marriage, since 2005, despite the largely small-c conservative voting habits of Canadians. Even the Harper government knew better than to mess with this decision!

From what part of Canadian society (and the larger world society) does opposition to LGBTQ2 human rights come?

Largely: the church. Because simply being LGBTQ2 is widely regarded as a sin—an affront to God.

I’m an unbeliever — I left the church years ago, and see no reason to return. I no longer understand what the church is for. I don’t understand worship. That said, I’m supportive of the UCC 1988 decision and its continuing efforts. I encourage you to be braver still, and take your message to congregations, denominations, “and to all the world” to paraphrase he whom you claim as leader. The church needs continually to heal itself, reform itself, and to right the wrongs done it its name. Good luck!

From, Nick

(Shared with permission. Photo: Wix.)

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