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Proud of my son

I wish I knew how to say how proud and inspired I am of my family and close friends, but especially of my son.

He is so brave, so committed to helping people who are LGBTQ and have few supports, so honest and open. So very loving and kind yet strong and confident to stand up for who he is. Not at the beginning of this journey of his—but down the road a bit.

My family is supportive and loving—even the ones we thought might be tricky.

Friends who supported our son and myself—who was so worried and scared for him.

My “church” felt lonely for me for quite a while, but not God. What a blessing and gift! And I am doing better with my church—which is so very important to me. There is always work to do and we are needed to do the work.

Signed, Leslee

(Shared with permission. Photo: Wix.)

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