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Stand up allies!

With all the stories of church torn apart and families hurt it is important not to get caught up in one’s own fear of causing a scene. This issue was on for so long because people who supported the LGBTQ community were not ready to speak up and stand up against their ministers, or their congregations. It is important to remember that empty platitudes and guilt over one’s own ignorance are a precursor to becoming educated. Under silence the oppression is victorious so allies need to understand that they must play an active role within their own eduction and the process of LGBTQ justice as they need not fear persecution for their sexuality stances. This may seem harsh but it is important to remember that for many this is not a struggle that ends when they grow uncomfortable or become confused. This is a battle that they have to fight in any space that is not prepared as willing to welcome them.

So allies, educate yourselves, support your LGBTQ relations, lift up their voices, and stand up to those who are led by their prejudice because you may bbe the only one who is safe enough to do so.

Signed, Anonymous

(Shared with permission. Photo: Wix.)

protest walk on a sunny day

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